Down Under Pots USA

Down Under Pots, USA

CJames Nursery specializes in the Down Under Pot ®

  • quality, artful hanging pots with blooms, fruit, and foliage bursting from the bottom
  • revolutionary internal reservoir feeds the roots without making a mess beneath
  • minimizes drips with a curved lip to keep the water in the pot
  • sturdy build and craftsmanship meant to last

Ways to use these pots

  • grow flowers or food on a terrace or patio
  • add diverse layers to your outdoor garden
  • highlight favorite houseplants
  • keep a culinary herb garden right in your kitchen
  • give a unique, well-made gift to be enjoyed year after year

Where you can find our products

Designed and Patented in Australia, Down Under Pots are distributed exclusively on the US west coast by CJames Nursery. We delight in helping you enjoy these unique pots and the plants they contain for years to come.