About Us

About Us

CJames Nursery is a family business in Newberg, Oregon. Married for 47 years, Carol and C. Dave James raised their two children on their Christmas tree farm, now the site of the nursery.

When Carol retired from teaching in 2001, Dave bought her two 32’ greenhouses, including instruction on their care and maintenance. The couple decided to name their new endeavor CJames Nursery, since both their first names begin with “C.”

Early on, in one of the greenhouse classes, they found Down Under Pots and purchased 30 for Carol to plant. Energized by her increased time in the greenhouse, Carol studied some horticulture at Clackamas Community College. As they progressed in pottery and flowers, Carol began taking over Dave’s area in their machine shed, so he built her a large greenhouse.

In 2002 Carol and Dave acquired the business of importing Down Under Pots from an airline stewardess who had been bringing them from Australia. Four years later, they traveled to Thailand, where the pots are now made, to meet Mea Souris, the artist, and see how the pots are individually crafted.

Mea began making Down Under Pots over twenty years ago. Her artistry and attention to detail and craftsmanship are evident in her beautiful products. She spends much of her time in Thailand overseeing operations and creating the color palate of offerings. In addition to seeing how the pots are made during that trip, Dave and Carol delighted in connecting with Mea and talking plants.

Carol keeps a planting regimen that results in year-round flowers and plants in the Down Under Pots she and Dave carry. Their selection of geraniums is impressive, with the newest colors ordered every year. But Down Under Pots aren’t only for summertime, and the pots Carol plants for the fall and winter include Christmas cactus, fern varieties, and succulents, among others.

You can find planted pots at the nursery or at the many trade shows Dave and Carol attend. The couple also stocks empty pots and plants; for a fee Carol will plant the new pot with a 4” plant of your choice. Or if you planted an annual, bring back your cleaned-out pot and for a small fee Carol will plant something new to enjoy in your pot. With so many color options, you can choose a pot to match house or room color, and decide which plants works best for the light in your chosen hanging spot.

CJames Nursery provides high-quality pots to its customers, who value the exceptional quality of Down Under Pots, coupled with the dedication Carol and Dave have for plants and for their business.