August Newsletter: Fresh Kitchen Herbs, Connecting at Farwest, New Fall Stock

We’re on our way to another great time at the Farwest Show in Portland, Oregon. See our events calendar in the sidebar for more details.

We invite you to visit our recently updated website, which contains great information about planting and using our artfully and durably crafted pots. Also remember that as summer winds to a close, now is the time to choose the Down Under Pots that are sure to delight plant-lovers this holiday season.


Growing Herbs Year-Round in Your Kitchen

Summertime provides an opportunity to use freshly-grown culinary herbs in your cooking. Food is brighter, more flavorful, and can turn even a simple dish into a masterpiece. When summer ends, there’s no need to switch to dried herbs or to buy expensive fresh herbs from the grocery. Keep the fresh taste year-round by using our unique and beautiful pots.

With the Down Under Pot, you can grow fresh culinary herbs right in your kitchen. We suggest planting the herbs in a mini-size pots, letting the plant establish for a few weeks, and then hanging them by a well-lit window. With our pots, you can keep up your herb garden, enhancing your meals and offering fresh flavors during cold winter months.

Choose a few of your favorite herbs, such as basil, cilantro, parsley, Cuban oregano (pictured), or many others. Hang them in a row at various heights to make a lovely display. Cut a few sprigs or leaves to enliven soups, salads, or even baked goods. Be creative!



New Autumn Stock


We have received a new shipment of Down Under Pots, which will provide many great options for holiday gift-giving to gardeners and plant-lovers. Check our website for size and color options, as well as valuable information on getting the most out of planting and using these artful ceramic pots.