How They Work

How They Work

Designed to hang, the Down Under Pot allows your plants to grow from the bottom of the pot, with foliage, fruit, and blooms bursting forth in a stunning display.

One of the design features of the Down Under Pot is an internal reservoir, at the base of the pot. The reservoir catches water where the root system is developing, thus feeding the plant & providing the root system with a wall upon which to anchor.

Another feature is the lip, not present in other upside-down pots. This lip prevents water spillage with normal watering of most plants. (There will be water spillage with overwatering.) Note that fruits and vegetables require more water, and dripping out the bottom is suggested on hot days to ensure sufficient hydration.

Planting the Down Under Pot is simple:

  1. See the image to establish the planting position, which is inverted from the way the pot will ultimately hang. In this planting position, transplant your plant into the pot, soil coming to the top of the lip, but not flush with the edge of the pot.
  2. Allow the pot to remain in this planting position until you are satisfied that the plant is established; perhaps two to six weeks. While the plant is establishing, set the pot in a shallow container of water to keep the mix moist during this phase.
  3. Invert the pot and hang it using the wire already fitted to the pot for this purpose. Once inverted and hung, water and fertilize through the top of the pot.
  4. The plant has established its root system and is now growing in the potting mix in the Down Under Pot. It is the design of the pot and the established root system of the plant that keep both the plant and the potting mix from falling out when the pot is inverted and hung in position.

Note: Frost will crack these terra cotta and glazed pots. To enjoy your Down Under Pot year after year, ensure it is not left outdoors during the frosty winter months.

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Plants to Use in Down Under Pots:

Any upright plant that is not too stiff is a good candidate. Some specific suggestions of plant types and corresponding pot sizes:

Plant Size
African Violet Mini to Small
Begonia Small Small to Medium
Geranium (zonal) Small to Large
Geranium (Regal) Medium to Large
Coleus Small to Large
Herbs Small to Large
Tomato Large
Strawberry (ever bearing) Medium
Succulents (jade, etc.) Small to Large
Fuchsia (must be pinched) Small to Medium
Houseplants Varies