September Newsletter: Holiday Gifts, Herb Idea, and Feeding Your Plants

Many of us have gardeners and plant-lovers on our holiday gift lists. Down Under Pots make unique and beautiful additions to any outdoor garden space, patio, balcony, or even indoors! You can order directly on our website and have the pots delivered. Our quality crafted pots are sure to bring a smile.


Herb Idea for Your Kitchen

Last month we showed how easy it is to grow fresh herbs in your kitchen year-round using the Down Under Pot. Now we want to share a tip on how to use a delicious fresh herb,Salvia elegans. Commonly known as Pineapple sage or Tangerine sage, this aromatic plant is both beautiful and will add a citrusy kick to your cooking. Take fresh leaves and place under the skin of a chicken or turkey before roasting. The pineapple flavor pairs deliciously with poultry. You could also combine the fresh leaves with an equal amount of fresh lemon verbena, place in a clear jar, cover with water, and place in the sun for a refreshing sun tea. Also remember that the lovely red flowers are edible and make a striking garnish to any plate or salad. Winter need not be a time when fresh herbs exit your cuisine. WithDown Under Pots, you can keep the flavors coming in every season.



Feeding Your Plants

Down Under Pots provide many options for growing foliage, houseplants, succulents, ferns, and edibles. We recommend planting in a high-quality potting soil and fertilizing your plants twice a month. An easy way to remember is to set your plant feeding schedule on the 1st and 15th of every month. Your plants will show their gratitude!